Desktop and Online Applications by SAOS

We have special interest towards lite-weight applications that require high level of efficiency but smallest executable size, 64 bit applications, Windows SDK applications, Unicode aware applications and IME.
  1. Shutdown Timer
    Shutdown Timer is a simple and easy to use software to shut your computer down at specified time and date. Being solely coded in win32 it's lite-weight application considering executable size. Project is open-source on codeplex and sourceforge.
  2. CD/DVD Media Ejector
    This application helps you eject CD/DVDROM. After running the application press Ctrl + J to eject CD/DVDROM. Press Ctrl + J again to close the CD/DVDROM tray. Another puprose of the application is that it keeps the weak DVDROM healthy. Project is open-source on sourceforge.
  3. PingGuin
    PingGuin is GUI ping software that can ping remote hosts and also can notify when target PC is online or internet is available. Project is open-source on google code.
  4. Delay Timer
    It is a Windows console based application that works as a countdown timer. It can come handy on writing windows batch scripts, powershell scripts. It also has a Linux version. Project is open-source on sourceforge.
  5. Website of Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong
    We had been affiliated in this project to develop site for Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong with other members who played exceptioned roles in development. They are Jainal Uddin and Feroz Jahangir Rana..